IEDM 2022
Conference paper

Hardware Based Performance Assessment of Vertical-Transport Nanosheet Technology

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Vertical-transport FET (VTFET) is a strong candidate for future CMOS technology. The concept of VTFET has been demonstrated in our previous report, which enables to scale logic area beyond sub-45nm contacted gate pitch (CGP). This paper focuses on performance assessment of VTFET based on hardware (HW). 1. 2x effective capacitance ( mathrm{C}-{ mathrm{e} mathrm{f} mathrm{f}}) contrasting to technology target is demonstrated based on 40CGP VTFET ring oscillator. Two major bottlenecks are identified as DC performance ( mathrm{I}-{ mathrm{e} mathrm{f} mathrm{f}} at target mathrm{I}-{ mathrm{o} mathrm{f} mathrm{f}}) detractor. 90% DC performance compared to the target has been demonstrated by resolving the bottlenecks.