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We are the home of computing. We choose the big, urgent, mind-bending work that endures and shapes generations. We’re a group of researchers, scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, and thinkers inventing what’s next in computing.

The advances in computing over the next decade will lead to profound consequences for our civilization. We’re discovering new materials that will be used in the next generation of computer chips; we’re building bias-free AI that can take the burden out of business decisions; we’re designing a hybrid-cloud platform that operates as the world’s computer. We’re moving quantum computing from theory to systems that are redefining the world.

At IBM Research we live by the scientific method. It’s at the core of everything we do. We choose impact over market cycles, vision over vanity. We deeply believe that creative freedom, excellence, and integrity are essential to any breakthrough. We operate with a backbone. We don’t cut corners. We take responsibility for technology and its role in society. We make decisions with a conscience — for a future that we believe is worth living in. We recognize the immense power and potential of computing — not as a commodity, but as an agent of progress and connection.

This is the future, built right.

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Accelerate your organization’s competitive advantage by teaming up with our scientists. We turn fundamental research into world-altering technology, both for IBM and our partners. Learn more about the ways we’re collaborating with businesses to help solve their most pressing needs faster.

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We’re always looking for people excited to make change. See what open positions we have here and help us invent what’s next.

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