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    Engage directly with IBM Research to accelerate innovation for your business.

    Why IBM Research?

    The problems the world is facing today require us to work faster than ever before. When the most advanced products on the market aren't enough to crack your toughest challenges, that's when it's time to engage with IBM Research. We see it as our duty to catalyze scientific progress by taking the cutting-edge technologies we’re working on, scaling them, and deploying them with our partners across industries.

    IBM Research is inventing what’s next in computing. We’re creating the next generation of computer chips, building AI that can take the burden out of business decisions, designing a hybrid-cloud platform for all the computers of the world, and turning quantum computing from a theoretical concept into machines that are redefining industry and society.

    We're turning the latest ideas in technology into the solutions of tomorrow. And we want to help you innovate and address your most pressing needs.

    Leading organizations across every industry work with us. We have three main ways to engage:

    Connect with us on membership opportunities to help solve your most pressing needs.


    Collaborate closely with our researchers to develop breakthrough technologies that unlock new markets.


    Early access

    License the latest breakthroughs from our labs to quickly infuse innovation into your organization before anyone else in your industry. 

    IBM Research has a long history of turning cutting-edge innovation into commercial products, helping our clients gain a competitive edge. Breakthroughs like these often benefit from early adoption and feedback, we offer access and an in-depth look into our ongoing research. To get ahead, it’s best to get in on the ground floor.

    Speak to our team to find out more about access and training, plus possible use cases and collaboration with our world-class researchers and experts.


    Let’s connect

    Want to learn more about how our global team of scientists can help create new opportunities for your business? Let us know what you’re interested in and let's connect.