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    What’s Next in Semiconductors
    is 1 nanometer and beyond

    Our chip-driven world owes much of its power and possibility to the semiconductor technologies pioneered at IBM. This legacy of innovation includes the first implementation of 7 nm and 5 nm process technologies, single cell DRAM, chemically amplified photoresists, copper interconnect wiring, silicon on insulator technology, high-k gate dielectrics, embedded DRAM, 3D chip stacking, and more. Today, we continue to push the limits of semiconductor design and packaging with inventions like the 2 nm node chip, vertical transistors, and nanosheet transistor technology.

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    IBM and Rapidus form strategic partnership

    Rapidus, a newly-formed advanced logic company, will leverage IBM's semiconductor R&D leadership, including 2nm nanosheet CMOS, to build advanced semiconductor technology and an ecosystem in Japan.

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    Analog AI Research chips used by IBM.

    AI Hardware Center

    The IBM Research AI Hardware Center is a global research collaboration hub dedicated to creating the next generation of systems and chips for AI workloads, as well as expanding joint research efforts across technology, architecture, and algorithms.

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