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    What’s Next in Semiconductors
    is 1 nanometer and beyond

    Chips power all our electronic devices, from computers and smartphones to medical equipment and automobiles. IBM continues to lead the industry in developing new designs and methods to make the semiconductors of the future smaller, faster, more energy efficient and reliable. We’re pushing the boundaries of logic scaling as well as chiplet technology and design, and with an ecosystem of partners, we’re moving innovations from our labs to the manufacturing line.


    IBM has been behind many of the breakthroughs in computing that make today’s chip-driven world possible. When something doesn’t exist, we invent it—from the computers that powered the Apollo missions, to the creation of electronic design automation (EDA), to the chips powering today’s most advanced applications. While we now partner for volume manufacturing, IBM has continued to design chips for the systems that underpin the world’s most critical workloads. Our latest breakthroughs include vertical transistors (VTFET), the world’s first 2 nanometer node chip, and the Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU). However, deeper levels of cooperation and innovation will be required if the world is to fully realize the productivity and progress we need in the age of AI. This is why IBM is now providing expanded access to our unparalleled semiconductor expertise, world-class technology, and facilities. Semiconductor research shapes the future of chips, from areas like logic scaling to the latest in chiplets and packaging. Beyond these technical capabilities, we are also developing design and enablement solutions, and creating intelligent fabs powered by AI.

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    IBM and Rapidus form strategic partnership

    Rapidus, a newly-formed advanced logic company, will leverage IBM's semiconductor R&D leadership, including 2nm nanosheet CMOS, to build advanced semiconductor technology and an ecosystem in Japan.

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    Analog AI Research chips used by IBM.

    AI Hardware Center

    The IBM Research AI Hardware Center is a global research collaboration hub dedicated to creating the next generation of systems and chips for AI workloads, as well as expanding joint research efforts across technology, architecture, and algorithms.

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