What’s Next in AI
is foundation models at scale

The AI landscape today is dominated by purpose-built models deployed for dedicated tasks. But enterprises need a large corpus of labeled data, significant resources, and teams of skilled data scientists to train and maintain these models. Foundation models represent a generational opportunity for enterprise. They’re general-purpose, pre-trained models that can be fine-tuned to accomplish a wide set of tasks. We’re developing software, middleware, and hardware to bring frictionless, cloud-native development and use of foundation models to enterprise AI.

Our work

Tools + code

MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

We’re partnering with the sharpest minds at MIT to advance AI research in areas like healthcare, security,
 and finance.

Publication collections



AutoAI for text

Scaling AI technologies for NLP and text data to a large variety of users.
  • Natural Language Processing

Analog AI

Making Deep Neural Network systems more capable and energy-efficient.
  • AI Hardware


AI model explorer and editor tool.
  • Human-Centered AI
  • Fairness, Accountability, Transparency
  • AI for Business Automation


An efficient toolkit for state-of-the-art models on multi lingual open domain question answering.
  • Conversational AI

Deep Scanner

A tale of adversarial attacks & out-of-distribution detection stories in the activation space
  • Adversarial Robustness and Privacy
  • Foundation Models


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