IEDM 2011
Conference paper

A manufacturable dual channel (Si and SiGe) high-k metal gate CMOS technology with multiple oxides for high performance and low power applications

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Band-gap engineering using SiGe channels to reduce the threshold voltage (V TH) in p-channel MOSFETs has enabled a simplified gate-first high-κ/metal gate (HKMG) CMOS integration flow. Integrating Silicon-Germanium channels (cSiGe) on silicon wafers for SOC applications has unique challenges like the oxidation rate differential with silicon, defectivity and interface state density in the unoptimized state, and concerns with T inv scalability. In overcoming these challenges, we show that we can leverage the superior mobility, low threshold voltage and NBTI of cSiGe channels in high-performance (HP) and low power (LP) HKMG CMOS logic MOSFETs with multiple oxides utilizing dual channels for nFET and pFET. © 2011 IEEE.