IEDM 2012
Conference paper

22nm High-performance SOI technology featuring dual-embedded stressors, Epi-Plate High-K deep-trench embedded DRAM and self-aligned Via 15LM BEOL

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We present a fully-integrated SOI CMOS 22nm technology for a diverse array of high-performance applications including server microprocessors, memory controllers and ASICs. A pre-doped substrate enables scaling of this third generation of SOI deep-trench-based embedded DRAM for a dense high-performance memory hierarchy. Dual-Embedded stressor technology including SiGe and Si:C for improved carrier mobility in both PMOS and NMOS FETs is presented for the first time. A hierarchical BEOL with 15 levels of copper interconnect including self-aligned via processing delivers high performance with exceptional reliability. © 2012 IEEE.