IEDM 2012
Conference paper

High performance extremely thin SOI (ETSOI) hybrid CMOS with Si channel NFET and strained SiGe channel PFET

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For the first time, we report high performance hybrid channel ETSOI CMOS by integrating strained SiGe-channel (cSiGe) PFET with Si-channel NFET at 22nm groundrules. We demonstrate a record high speed ring oscillator (fan-out = 3) with delay of 8.5 ps/stage and 11.2 ps/stage at VDD = 0.9V and V DD = 0.7V, respectively, outperforming state-of-the-art finFET results. A novel 'STI-last' integration scheme is developed to improve cSiGe uniformity and enable ultra high performance PFET with narrow widths. Furthermore, cSiGe modulates device Vt, thus providing an additional knob to enable multi-Vt while maintaining undoped channels for all devices. © 2012 IEEE.