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IBM Research – Haifa is focused on creating innovation that matters to IBM and people across the globe. We’ve been impacting IBM business since 1972 through contributions to IBM's leading products. We practice open innovation teaming with scientists across the globe and collaborating with academia. We are always looking ahead to invent what’s next. Our main focus areas today include natural language understanding, computer vision, hybrid cloud and data, quantum computing, security, blockchain, automation, and the future of health. Our lab brings together some of the most brilliant minds in Israel to think, invent, and enjoy.


Cars “see around corners” in EU’s CLASS project

Our IBM Research team in Haifa, has helped turn a traffic-heavy area of Modena into an urban laboratory

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Yes, you can use Loki to efficiently retrieve big data for analysis

How we evaluated Loki as a log storage system focused on pushing and pulling massive amounts of data

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Want to discover How to Find Weaknesses in your Machine Learning Models?

FreaAI: a new method from researchers at IBM

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Meet the Interns at IBM Research - Haifa

Interns at the lab work side by side with researchers to advance state of the art technology.

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Am I arguing with a machine?

Can a machine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) successfully persuade an audience in debate with a human? Researchers at IBM Research in Haifa, Israel, think so.

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Key research areas

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Artificial Intelligence

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Blockchain and IoT Technologies

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Hybrid Cloud

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Quality, Security, and Quantum Technologies

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Healthcare Informatics

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