Vita Bortnikov


Vita Bortnikov


IBM Fellow, Hybrid Cloud Research


IBM Research - Israel Haifa, Israel


Vita Bortnikov is Distinguished Engineer leading Blockchain and Cloud Platform Activities at IBM Research Lab in Haifa. Vita’s research interests and expertise are in the areas of distributed computing and algorithms with special focus on high availability, resiliency and scalability of distributed platforms and on peer-to-peer technologies.

She made major contributions to key IBM middleware products: WAS VE, PureApp and WAS Liberty. The contributions included clustering, fault-tolerance and high availability of teh products. For her contributions to IBM products she received two prestigious IBM Corporate awards and Best of IBM award.

Recently Vita has been leading the blockchain efforts at IBM Haifa Lab with a special focus on contributions to the Hyperledger Fabric project. Her team controbuted scalable gossip-based peer-to-peer communication and now working on advanced consensus algorithms.

Vita also continues her deep involvement in cloud technologies and platforms for cloud-native development. She co-leads the area of Istio Service Mesh technologies. Her team was behind the Amalgam8 open source project (Istio predecessor) and now drive many innovations in Istio: Istio for secuirty, multi-cluster and multi-paradigm support.

Vita continues to be an active inventor and has a growing number of US patents in the areas of distributed systems, blockchain and cloud technologies.In addition, she works closely with number of key IBM customers in areas of Blockchain and Cloud Platforms

Vita holds the M.Sc and B.Sc degrees in Computer Science from the Technion. Prior to joining IBM she was a technical leader and manager in the development team of a WAN optimization product at Actona (acquired by Cisco).



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Yoav Tock

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