Moshe Levinger


Moshe Levinger


DGM, Security, Quality and Quantum


IBM Research - Israel Haifa, Israel


I joined the IBM Research lab in Haifa in 1992 after completing my MSc degree in the field of 'Natural Language Processing' at the Technion Institute in Israel.

I worked in the area of h/w verification throughout these years, first as a technical leader and then at various management positions. During my 28 years in IBM, I had led the development of new technologies and tools spanning the various disciplines in h/w verification, including: test generation, functional coverage, checking as well as formal verification. Nowadays I manage the 'Quality, Security and Quantum' area (100+ researchers) within the IBM Haifa Research lab, focusing on developing advanced technologies and solutions in the domains of h/w and s/w Quality, Security and Quantum Computing.