Quality, Security, & Quantum Technologies

The Security, Systems and Quantum department targets the development of advanced technologies and solutions in three technical domains: Quality of complex systems, cyber security and quantum computing.

Our Quantum team is part of the global IBM Q effort focusing mainly on software aspects as part of the Qiskit offering.

Our Security department covers the entire range of security solutions, including: AI for security, security for AI, vulnerability detection, trusted data, fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), and more.

Our Quality department deals with developing unique tools and technologies to cope with quality aspects of various use cases, including: hardware verification, software testing, cloud quality and AI quality.


Moshe Levinger, Manager Security, Quality and Quantum, IBM Research - Haifa

Moshe Levinger,
Manager, Quality, Security, & Quantum Technologies,
IBM Research - Haifa


Cloud Security & Privacy Technologies


Hybrid Cloud Quality Technologies (HCQT)


Quantum Computing


IBM Cyber Security Center of Excellence (CCoE)