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Our research covers the entire range of security solutions, including: data and AI security, privacy, cloud security, threat management, attack simulation, privacy preserving analytics, fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), blockchain, and more.


News and Blogs

The Orion blockchain database: Empowering multi-party data governance

Researcher Dany Moshkovitz shares how the Orion blockchain database can bridge trust gaps in business environments.

Best Artifact Award at the Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium (PETS 2023)

The research paper "HeLayers: A Tile Tensors Framework for Large Neural Networks on Encrypted Data" was recognized as Best Artifact at PETS 2023

Modernizing banking with central bank digital currencies

Why are distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) important for CBDCs in the modern era?

Building privacy-preserving federated learning to help fight financial crime

In this blog, ISRL researchers and their co-authors describe their solution for detecting anomalies in suspicious financial transactions, which won second place at a recent privacy technologies challenge.

Research Projects

Data and AI Privacy

Many privacy regulations, including GDPR, mandate that organizations abide by certain privacy principles when processing personal information. This is also relevant for AI models trained using personal data. We are researching and developing several novel techniques and tools to enable AI-based solutions to adhere to such privacy requirements, including data minimization, anonymization and the right to be forgotten.


IBM Research created Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), which keeps sensitive data encrypted at all times, securing the cloud for highly regulated industries. We’ve built HElayers for you to start building commercial applications with FHE across Windows, Linux, macOS and Linux on IBM Z mainframe.

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Blockchain Platforms

We are creating high-performance messaging solutions, including replication middleware for distributed ledger technologies, consensus algorithms, interactive protocols, and a complex blockchain-based management system. The team has vast expertise in distributed computing with a focus on distributed ledger technology such as Hyperledger Fabric, blockchain databases such as Hyperledger Orion, high availability, clustering, and communication.

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The Hyperledger Orion Blockchain Database

Central Bank Digital Currency

We support central bank digital currencies (CBDC) in a hybrid cloud environment, using distributed ledgers, based on IBM's Hyperledger Fabric, and IBM Research's Weaver interoperability tool. By developing fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) infrastructures, we help support the digital representation of assets and rights to accelerate the exchange and interactions in business ecosystems.

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IBM researchers in Israel publish a wide variety of work every year as part of their work on research projects in the lab, in collaboration with other researchers and scientists in IBM, and together with academic and industrial partners from around the world.

Researchers in our group publish works at conferences and in scientific journals such as the Data Privacy Management workshop, the Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology workshop, the AI and Ethics journal, and others.

Tools & Code

Confidential Containers

Confidential Containers is an open source community working to enable cloud native confidential computing by leveraging Trusted Execution Environments to protect containers and data.

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HELayers Community Edition

Fully Homomorphic Encryption SDK for Data scientists and Developer.

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HyperLedger Orion

Orion is a standard database with the blockchain properties that provides tamper-evidence, provenance, data lineage authenticity, non-repudiation, and multi-sig capabilities with standard data model and transactional APIs.

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Academic Collaboration

Collaborate with our researchers in investigating security solutions beyond the leading edge, including: Cyber Security, AI Privacy, Privacy Preserving Analytics (using Fully Homomorphic Encryption), and more.

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