Hybrid Cloud

Our department delivers critical components to the infrastructure and platform of IBM Public Cloud to make it an open, reliable, secure, performant public cloud that serves enterprise mission critical and data-intensive applications.

We seek to extend these cloud technologies to hybrid cloud environments and Edge in particular.

As part of our work at IBM Research – Haifa, we are very involved in contributing to open source communities, and partnering with industry and academia in various worldwide projects including Horizon2020 projects.

We work with the following open source resources:

Infrastructure for IBM Public Cloud

Our research is targeted at making the IBM Public Cloud infrastructure open, reliable, secure, and performant to serve enterprise mission critical and data-intensive applications.

    Our work on future-generation cloud infrastructure explores and develops new technologies in the areas of
  • Data center networking
  • Virtualized compute services (VMs and containers)
  • The data center control plane
  • Cloud telemetry that continuously collects information for the security, health, and reliability of the cloud
  • AIOps for the cloud to ensure a smart self-healing cloud infrastructure

IBM Public Cloud Platform

We develop tools to improve the productivity of developers and data users

    The capabilities we provide include
  • Management for microservice connectivity based on the Istio open project
  • Optimization for serverless computing
  • Serverless cloud functions for High Performance Cloud workloads such as molecular biology and Monte Carlo simulations
  • Management of Telco/5G applications Network Function Virtualizations through Openshift container management

Hybrid Data Platform

We create technologies to store data and process it, simplify analytics, and enable governance so it is secure. This task becomes especially challenging in the hybrid environment where the data is constantly moving and changing.

    Our team is inventing new systems and techniques to help
  • Data Skipping, also known X-Skipper, to significantly improve data analytics
  • Orchestrate and move data , and control how data is used even after access to data has been granted
  • Build open source standards to enable analytics over encrypted data in a secure and governed manner

Sharon Keidar-Barner, Manager - Hybrid Cloud, IBM Research - Haifa

Sharon Keidar-Barner,
Manager, Hybrid Cloud,
IBM Research - Haifa

Cloud Architectures and Networking