AI for accelerated
Healthcare & Life Sciences discovery

Transforming biomarker research and drug discovery with AI

We believe that medicine can greatly benefit from technologies that learn from the rich clinical and wellness data being collected nowadays in vast quantities. Our vision is that combining medical knowledge with technical eminence in machine learning, deep learning, causal inference, and decision analytics applied to the right data can result in better sustainable care. To achieve this ambitious goal, we partner with leaders from the local and global ecosystem such as Maccabi Health, Sagol Neuroscience School at Tel Aviv University, Teva Pharmaceuticals, University of Miami Health System, and many others.

Our research technologies include:

  • Machine learning
  • Causal analysis
  • Medical imaging analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cognitive computing
  • Deep learning
  • Image analytics

What's special about what we do?

Our team works on researching seed ideas for innovative healthcare technologies and bringing them to fruition for IBM clients. Our work is about innovation and exploiting data to gain smarter insights. We support pharmaceutical companies in designing and studying clinical trials, and specifically understanding post-launch patient data (Real World Evidence studies). This helps health policy makers carry out more informed decisions on how to prevent and proactively address particular health conditions. It can also help physicians make better decisions and diagnoses. We can analyze diverse data including radiology images, text data, structured data, and sensor data.

Open-source projects


Michal Rosen-Zvi, Director of Healthcare Informatics for IBM Research, and Manager of AI for accelerated HC & LS discovery at IBM Research - Haifa

Michal Rosen-Zvi,
Director, Healthcare Informatics for IBM Research,
Manager of AI for accelerated HC & LS discovery,
IBM Research - Haifa


Latest Awards

  • Won 2nd place in the DBTex Challenge to detect biopsy-verified lesion locations in digital breast tomosynthesis.
    The team collaborated with NYU on a paper published in Nature Machine Intelligence "Lessons from the First DBTex Challenge" and came in 2nd place in phase 2 of the challenge.
  • Won 2nd place in the KITS 2021 challenge for kidney and kidney tumor segmentation.
    using our solution based on algorithms by Alex Golts, Daniel Khapun, Daniel Shats, Yoel Shoshan, Flora Gilboa-Solomon described in "An Ensemble of 3D U-Net Based Models for Segmentation of Kidney and Masses in CT Scans" which also won Best Paper at the MICCAI workshop.
  • The team won 1st place at the first Partners HealthCare Biobank Disease Challenge as posted in December 2018.

Main Focus

Causal Machine Learning for Healthcare & Life Sciences


Multimodal AI for Healthcare & Life Sciences



Title Author Conference/Journal Year Focus  
Quantification of tumor heterogeneity: from data acquisition to metric generation Aditya Kashyap, Maria Anna Rapsomaniki, Vesna Barros, Anna Fomitcheva-Khartchenko, Adriano Luca Martinelli, Antonio Foncubierta Rodriguez, Maria Gabrani, Michal Rosen-Zvi, and Govind Kaigala Trends in Biotechnology 2021 Cancer 
Lessons from the first DBTex Challenge Jungkyu Park, Yoel Shoshan, Robert Martí, Pablo Gómez del Campo, Vadim Ratner, Daniel Khapun, Aviad Zlotnick, Ella Barkan, Flora Gilboa-Solomon, Jakub Chłędowski, Jan Witowski, Alexandra Millet, Eric Kim, Alana Lewin, Kristine Pysarenko, Sardius Chen, Julia Goldberg, Shalin Patel, Anastasia Plaunova, Melanie Wegener, Stacey Wolfson, Jiyon Lee, Sana Hava, Sindhoora Murthy, Linda Du, Sushma Gaddam, Ujas Parikh, Laura Heacock, Linda Moy, Beatriu Reig, Michal Rosen-Zvi, and Krzysztof J. Geras Nature Machine Intelligence 2021 Breast Cancer 
A Case Study of Breast Imaging in a Nationwide Israeli Health Organization Michal Ozery-Flato, Ora Pinchasov, Miel Dabush-Kasa, Efrat Hexter, Gabriel Chodick,  Michal Guindy, Michal Rosen-Zvi AMIA 2021 Breast Cancer 
Emulated clinical trials from longitudinal real-world data efficiently identify candidates for neurological disease modification: examples from parkinson’s disease Laifenfeld Daphna, Chen Yanover, Michal Ozery-Flato, Oded Shaham, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Nirit Lev, Yaara Goldschmidt, and Iris Grossman Frontiers in pharmacology 2021 Parkinson 
Evaluation of an artificial intelligence system for assisting neurologists with fast and accurate annotation of scalp electroencephalography data. Subhrajit Roy, Isabell Kiral, Mahtab Mirmomeni, Todd Mummert, Alan Braz, Jason Tsay, Jianbin Tang, Umar Asif, Thomas Schaffter, Mehmet Eren Ahsen, Toshiya Iwamori, Hiroki Yanagisawa, Hasan Poonawala, Piyush Madan, Yong Qin, Joseph Picone, Iyad Obeid, Bruno De Assis Marques, Stefan Maetschke, Rania Khalaf, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Stefan Harrer EBioMedicine 2021 EEG  
AI-assisted tracking of worldwide non-pharmaceutical interventions for COVID-19 Parthasarathy Suryanarayanan, Ching-Huei Tsou, Ananya Poddar, Diwakar Mahajan, Bharath Dandala, Piyush Madan, Anshul Agrawal, Charles Wachira, Osebe Mogaka Samuel, Osnat Bar-Shira, Clifton Kipchirchir, Sharon Okwako, William Ogallo, Fred Otieno, Timothy Nyota, Fiona Matu, Vesna Resende Barros, Daniel Shatz, Oren Kagan, Sekou Remy, Oliver Bent, Shilpa Mahatma, Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Divya Pathak, Michal Rosen-Zvi Scientific Data 2021 COVID-19 
Towards effect estimation of Covid-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions Vesna Barros, Itay Manes, Victor Akinwande, Osnat Bar-Shira, Celia Cintas, Michal Ozery-Flato, Yishai Shimoni, Michal Rosen-Zvi AMIA poster 2021 COVID-19 
Artificial Intelligence for Reducing Workload in Breast Cancer Screening with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. Yoel Shoshan, Ran Bakalo,  Flora Gilboa-Solomon , Vadim Ratner, Ella Barkan, Michal Ozery-Flato, Mika Amit, Daniel Khapun,  Emily Ambinder,  Eniola Oluyemi, Babita Panigrahi, Philip Di Carlo, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Lisa Mullen Accepted to Radiology 2021 Breast Cancer 
Beyond Non-maximum Suppression-Detecting Lesions in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Volumes Yoel Shoshan, Aviad Zlotnick, Vadim Ratner, Daniel Khapun, Ella Barkan, and Flora Gilboa-Solomon. MICCAI 2021 Breast Cancer 
Pre-biopsy Multi-class Classification of Breast Lesion Pathology in Mammograms. Tal Tlusty, Michal Ozery-Flato, Vesna Barros, Ella Barkan, Mika Amit, David Gruen, Michal Guindy, Tal Arazim, Mona Rozin, Michal Rosen-Zvi and Efrat Hexter MLMI MICCAI 2021 Breast Cancer 
An Ensemble of 3D U-Net Based Models for Segmentation of Kidney and Masses in CT Scans Alex Golts, Daniel Khapun, Daniel Shats, Yoel Shoshan, Flora Gilboa-Solomon MICCAI Kidney and kidney Tumor Segmentation (KiTS) Challenge 2021 Kidney Cancer 
Prediction of Five-Year Breast Cancer Recurrence in Women Treated with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Xosé M. Fernández, Beatriz Grandal Rejo, Efrat Hexter, Oliver Hijano Cubelos, Juha Pajula, Harri Pölönen, Fabien Reyal, and Michal Rosen-Zvi AMIA poster 2021 Breast Cancer 
Early prediction of metastasis in women with locally advanced breast cancer Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Tal Tlusty, Xose M. Fernandez, and Beatriz Grandal Rejo Accepted to SPIE Medical Imaging: Computer-Aided Diagnosis 2021 Breast Cancer 
Context in Medical Imaging: The Case of Focal Liver Lesion Classication Moshiko Raboh, Dana Levanony, Paul Dufort, and Arkadiusz Sitek Accepted to SPIE Medical Imaging: Computer-Aided Diagnosis 2021 Breast Cancer 
Self Supervised Contrastive Learning on Multiple Breast Modalities Boosts Classification Performance Shaked Perek, Mika Amit, Efrat Hexter PRIME MICCAI 2021 Breast Cancer 
A Glimpse into the Future: Disease Progression Simulation for Breast Cancer in Mammograms Ibrahim Jubran, Moshiko Raboh Shaked Perek, David Gruen, Efrat Hexter SASHIMI MICCAI 2021 Breast Cancer 
Framework for Identifying Drug Repurposing Candidates from Observational Healthcare Data Ozery-Flato, Michal, et al. JAMIA Open (2020) 2020 Machine Learning 
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Inferring new relations between medical entities using literature curated term co-occurrences Spiro, Adam, Jonatan Fernández García, and Chen Yanover. JAMIA open 2.3 (2019): 378-385. 2019 Machine Learning 
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A discriminative approach for finding and characterizing positivity violations using decision trees Karavani, Ehud, Peter Bak, and Yishai Shimoni. arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.08127 (2019). 2019 Machine Learning 
An Evaluation Toolkit to Guide Model Selection and Cohort Definition in Causal Inference Shimoni, Yishai, et al. arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.00442 (2019). 2019 Machine Learning 
Factorial HMMs with Collapsed Gibbs Sampling for Optimizing Long-term HIV Therapy Amit Gruber, Chen Yanover, Tal El-Hay, Anders Sonerborg, Francesca Incardona, Yaara Goldschmidt International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. 2018. 2018 Machine Learning 
Adversarial balancing for causal inference Ozery-Flato, Michal, et al. arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.07406 (2018). 2018 Machine Learning 
Association between expression of random gene sets and survival is evident in multiple cancer types and may be explained by sub-classification Shimoni, Yishai. PLoS computational biology 14.2 (2018): e1006026. 2018 Machine Learning 
Characterizing Subpopulations with Better Response to Treatment Using Observational Data-an Epilepsy Case Study Ozery-Flato, Michal, et al. bioRxiv (2018): 290585. 2018 Machine LearningSelected Work
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Using a Data-Driven Policy Decision Support Tool Michal Chorev, Lavi Shpigelman, Peter Bak, Avi Yaeli, Edwin Michael, Ya’ara Goldschmidt MedInfo 2017 2017 Machine Learning 
A Data-Driven Decision-Support Tool for Population Health Policies Chorev M, Shpigelman L, Bak P, Yaeli A, Michael E, Goldschmidt Y Stud Health Technol Inform.2017;245:332-336. 2017 2017 Machine Learning, Medical ImagingSelected Work
Fast and Efficient Feature Engineering for Multi-Cohort Analysis of EHR Data Michal Ozery-Flato, Chen Yanover, Assaf Gottlieb, Omer Weissbrod, Naama Parush Shear-Yashuv, and Yaara Goldschmidt Stud Health Technol Inform.235:181-185, 2017 2017 Machine LearningSelected Work
Epidemiological models without process noise are probably over confident Lavi Shpigelman, Michal Chorev, Zeev Waks, Ya’ara Goldschmidt, Edwin Michael. Stud Health Technol Inform.235:136-140. 2017 2017 Machine Learning 
Changes in Vaginal Community State Types Reflect Major Shifts in the Microbiome J. Paul Brooks, Gregory A. Buck, Guanhua Chen, Liang Diao, David J. Edwards, Jennifer M. Fettweis, Snehalata Huzurbazar, Alexander Rakitin, Glen A. Satten, Ekaterina Smirnova, Zeev Waks, Michelle L. Wright, Chen Yanover, Yi-Hui Zhou Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, 2017 2017 Machine Learning 
Integrated multisystem analysis in a mental health and criminal justice ecosystem Falconer E, El-Hay T, Alevras D, Docherty J, Yanover C, Kalton A, Goldschmidt, Rosen-Zvi Health & Justice 5:4 2017 2017 Machine Learning 
Paradoxical Hypersusceptibility of Drug-resistant Mycobacteriumtuberculosis to β-lactam Antibiotics Cohen KA, El-Hay T, Wyres KL, Weissbrod O, Munsamy V, Yanover C, Aharonov R, Shaham O, Conway TC, Goldschmidt Y, Bishai WR, Pym AS. EBioMedicine 2016 2016 Machine Learning 
Changing the approach to treatment choice in epilepsy using big data Devinsky O, Dilley C, Ozery-Flato M, Aharonov R, Goldschmidt Y, Rosen-Zvi M, Clark C, Fritz P Epilepsy and Behavior, 2016 2016 Machine LearningSelected Work
Global epidemiology of drug resistance following failure of WHO recommended first line regimens for adult HIV-1 infection - an international collaborative study Gregson J. et al The TenoRes Study Group Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2016 2016 Machine Learning 
Identifying and Investigating Unexpected Response to Treatment: A Diabetes Case Study Michal Ozery-Flato, Liat Ein-Dor, Naama Parush-Shear-Yashuv, Ranit Aharonov, Hani Neuvirth, Martin S. Kohn, and Jianying Hu.. BigData2016 2016 Machine Learning 
Driver gene classification reveals a substantial overrepresentation of tumor suppressors among very large chromatin-regulating proteins Zeev Waks, Omer Weissbrod, Boaz Carmeli, Raquel Norel, Filippo Utro, Yaara Goldschmidt. Scientific Reports 6, 2016, Article number: 38988, 2016 2016 Machine Learning 
A Novel Computational Tool for Mining Real-Life Data: Application in the Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Care Setting Siegelmann-Danieli, Farkash, Katzir, Vesterman Landes, Rotem Rabinovich, Lomnicky, Carmeli, Parush-Shear-Yashuv. Plos One 2016 2016 Machine Learning 
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Improving the Performance and Explainability of Mammogram Classifiers with Local Annotations L. Ness, E.Barkan, M.Ozery-Flato accepted to iMIMIC Workshop, MICCAI 2020 2020 Medical Imaging 
Multi-task learning for detection and classification of cancer in screening mammography Maria V. Sainz de Cea, Karl Diedrich, Ran Bakalo, Lior Ness, David Richmond MICCAI 2020 2020 Medical ImagingSelected Work
Radiomics for predicting response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy treatment in breast cancer Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Tal Tlusty, Ami Abutbul, Kari Antila, Xosé Fernandez, Beatriz Grandal Rejo, Efrat Hexter, Oliver Hijano Cubelos, Abed Khateeb, Juha Pajula, Shaked Perek Proceedings of SPIE 11318 Medical Imaging, Houston, Texas, United States, 2020 2020 Medical Imaging 
Evaluation of Combined Artificial Intelligence and Radiologist Assessment to Interpret Screening Mammograms Thomas Schaffter, Diana SM Buist, Christoph I Lee, Yaroslav Nikulin, Dezso Ribli, Yuanfang Guan, William Lotter, Zequn Jie, Hao Du, Sijia Wang, Jiashi Feng, Mengling Feng, Hyo-Eun Kim, Francisco Albiol, Alberto Albiol, Stephen Morrell, Zbigniew Wojna, Mehmet Eren Ahsen, Umar Asif, Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Shivanthan Yohanandan, Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Darvin Yi, Bruce Hoff, Thomas Yu, Elias Chaibub Neto, Daniel L Rubin, Peter Lindholm, Laurie R Margolies, Russell Bailey McBride, Joseph H Rothstein, Weiva Sieh, Rami Ben-Ari, Stefan Harrer, Andrew Trister, Stephen Friend, Thea Norman, Berkman Sahiner, Fredrik Strand, Justin Guinney, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Lester Mackey, Joyce Cahoon, Li Shen, Jae Ho Sohn, Hari Trivedi, Yiqiu Shen, Ljubomir Buturovic, Jose Costa Pereira, Jaime S Cardoso, Eduardo Castro, Karl Trygve Kalleberg, Obioma Pelka, Imane Nedjar, Krzysztof J Geras, Felix Nensa, Ethan Goan, Sven Koitka, Luis Caballero, David D Cox, Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Gaurav Pandey, Christoph M Friedrich, Dimitri Perrin, Clinton Fookes, Bibo Shi, Gerard Cardoso Negrie, Michael Kawczynski, Kyunghyun Cho, Can Son Khoo, Joseph Y Lo, A Gregory Sorensen, Hwejin Jung Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open, 2020 2020 Medical ImagingSelected Work
Multimodal Prediction of Breast Cancer Relapse Prior to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Treatment Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Ami Abutbul, Xosé Fernandez, Oliver Hijano Cubelos, Shaked Perek, Tal Tlusty PRIME-MICCAI Workshop, 2020 2020 Medical Imaging 
The case of missed cancers: Applying AI as a radiologist’s safety net Michal Chorev,Yoel Shoshan, Adam Spiro, Shaked Naor, Alon Hazan, Vesna Barros, Iuliana Weinstein, Esma Herzel, Varda Shalev, Michal Guindy,Michal Rosen-Zvi MICCAI 2020 2020 Medical Imaging, Machine LearningSelected Work
Predicting Breast Cancer by Applying Deep Learning to Linked Health Records and Mammography Images Ayelet Akselrod-Ballin, Michal Chorev , Yoel Shoshan, Adam Spiro, Alon Hazan, Roie Melamed, Ella Barkan, Esma Herzel, Shaked Naor, Ehud Karavani, Gideon Koren, Yaara Goldschmidt, Varda Shalev, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Michal Guind Radiology 292.2 (2019): 331-342, was presented also at "Best of RADIOLOGY in 2019 - The Editors of Radiology keep you up to date" at RSNA 2019 2019 Medical Imaging, Machine LearningSelected Work
Using Deep Learning to improve Efficiency of Breast Cancer Tomosynthesis Screening F. Gilboa-Solomon, R. Bakalo, E. Barkan, Y. Shoshan RSNA 2019 2019 Medical Imaging 
Mammogram Classification with Ordered Loss R. Ben-Ari, Y. Shoshan, T. Tlusty AIME 2019 2019 Medical Imaging 
Learning from Longitudinal Mammography Studies S. Perek, L. Ness, M. Amit, E. Barkan, G. Amit MICCAI 2019 2019 Medical ImagingSelected Work
Automatically detecting data drift in machine learning classifiers O.Raz, M. Zalmanovici , A. Zlotnick , E. Farchi, O. Raz EDSMLS'19 2019 Medical Imaging 
Classification and Detection in Mammograms with Weak Supervision via Dual Branch Deep Neural Net R. Bakalo, R. Ben-Ari, J. Goldberger ISBI 2019 2019 Medical Imaging 
Mammography Dual View Mass Correspondence S. Perek, A. Hazan, E. Barkan, A. Akselrod Ballin KDD Workshop 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Unsupervised Clustering of Mammograms for Outlier Detection and Breast Density Estimation R. Ben-Ari, T. Tlusty and G.Amit ICPR 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Siamese Network for Dual-View Mammography Mass Matching S. Perek, A. Hazan, E. Barkan, A. Akselrod Ballin MICCAI BIA workshop 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge: The Core of Top Performing Methods, Special Session R. Ben-Ari Biomedical Health Informatics, 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Weakly Supervised Classification and Localization in Mammograms via Dual Branch Deep Network R. Bakalo, J. Goldberger and R. Ben-Ari IMVC 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Regularized Adversarial Examples for Model Interpretability Yoel Shoshan, Vadim Ratner arXiv, November 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Learning Multiple Non-Mutually-Exclusive Tasks for Improved Classification of Inherently Ordered Labels Vadim Ratner, Yoel Shoshan, Tal Kachman arXiv May 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
AdapterNet - Learning Input Transformation for Domain Adaptation Alon Hazan, Yoel Shoshan, Daniel Khapun, Roy Aladjem, Vadim Ratner arXiv, May 2018 2018 Medical Imaging 
Deep Learning for Automatic Detection of Abnormal Findings in Breast Mammography Akselrod-Ballin, Ayelet; Karlinsky, Leonid.; Hazan, Alon; Bakalo, Ran; Horesh, Ami Ben; Shoshan, Yoel; Barkan, Ella Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support 2017 Medical Imaging 
Weakly  Supervised DNN with AUC Loss for Classifcation of Imbalanced Mammogram Datasets J. Sulam, R. Ben-Ari and P. Kisilev EG VCBM 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
Deep Learning for Automatic Detection of Abnormal Findings in Breast Mammography A. Akselrod-Ballin, L. Karlinsky, A. Hazan, R. Bakalo, E. Barkan, A. Ben-Horesh DLMIA MICCAI 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
Mammogram Classification and Abnormality Detection from Nonlocal Labels using Deep Multiple Instance Neural Network Y. Choukroun, R. Bakalo, R. Ben-Ari, A. Akselrod-Ballin, E. Barkan and P. Kisilev EG VCBM 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
A CNN based Method for Mass Detection and Classification in Breast Mammography A. Akselrod-Ballin, L. Karlinsky, S. Alpert, S. Hasoul, E. Barkan Comp. in Bio. and Bio. Eng. Imag.  & Vis. 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
Automatic Reporting of Lesion Location in Mammograms G. Amit, E. Barkan, N. M. Shani, A. Zlotnick, M. D. Kovacs, J. J. Reicher, M. A. Trambert, M. A. Reicher Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS), 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
Hybrid Mass Detection in Breast MRI combining Unsupervised Saliency Analysis and Deep Learning G. Amit et al MICCAI 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
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Classification of Breast Lesions using Cross-Modal Deep Learning O. Hadad, R. Bakalo, R. Ben-Ari, S. Hashoul, G. Amit ISBI 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
Domain Specific Convolutional Neural Nets for Detection of Architectural Distortion in Mammograms R. Ben-Ari, A. Akselrod-Ballin, L. Karlinsky, S. Hashoul ISBI 2017 2017 Medical Imaging 
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