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Accelerated Discovery

We are developing causal inference technologies and multimodal learning models that leverage the most advanced deep learning and generative models, aimed at accelerating molecules and biomarker discovery.


Open Source

Causal Inference: CausalLib

Multimodal Deep Learning Over Patient Data: FuseMedML

News and Blogs

Physics World: Study underlines AI’s clinical potential in breast cancer screening

Haifa researchers developed an AI model that can filter out cancer-free cases and keep up with radiologists' accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence for Reducing Workload in Breast Cancer Screening with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

A recently published RSNA paper

BRIGHT Challenge

Try the BReast tumor Image classification on Gigapixel HisTopathological images Challenge.

KNIGHT Challenge

Try the Kidney clinical Notes and Imaging to Guide and Help personalize Treatment and biomarkers discovery Challenge.

Research Projects

Causal Machine Learning for Healthcare & Life Sciences

The Causal Machine-Learning for Healthcare and Life-Sciences team includes researchers from the fields of physics, computer science, statistics, and epidemiology. We conduct analyses for many types of healthcare-related data, including electronic health records and insurance claims data holding the medical history of over 150 million people.
More recently, our efforts are focused on causal inference, which answers the question "what is the effect of doing something?" We used this technology to create an efficient engine to identify drug-repurposing candidates and have released the base causal inference technology as open-source code. In general, we develop technology that allows the acceleration of meaningful clinical discoveries based on real-world data.

Multimodal AI for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our research includes advanced computer vision techniques that enable the automatic extraction of diagnostically relevant features in multimodal healthcare images. We are developing machine learning tools that combine multimodal semantic image descriptions (for mammography, ultrasound and MRI) with clinical data to help estimate a correct differential diagnosis and support patient management recommendations.


IBM researchers in Israel publish a wide variety of work every year as part of their work on research projects in the lab, in collaboration with other researchers and scientists in IBM, and together with academic and industrial partners from around the world.

Researchers in our group publish works at conferences and in scientific journals such as the SPIE Medical Imaging conferences, Frontiers in Pharmacology, Radiology, and others.

Tools & Code

Causal Inference 360 Open Source Toolkit

This open source Python toolkit is designed to bring long-standing machine-learning methodologies to the field of causal inference.

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FuseMedML is an open-source Python-based framework designed to enhance collaboration and accelerate discoveries in fused medical data through advanced machine learning technologies. This initial version is PyTorch-based and focuses on deep learning for medical imaging and digital pathology.

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Academic Collaboration

Collaborate with our researchers in accelerating scientific discoveries in the medical domain - from drug discovery to biomarker discovery - using AI-based technology applied to health, chemical, and molecular data, embedded with medical knowledge.

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