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We research methods to characterize and study quantum computing devices and their dynamics under the effect of quantum noise, to improve the utilization of current quantum devices and facilitate their future development.


News and Blogs

Evidence for the utility of quantum computing before fault tolerance

In this Nature article, IBM researchers explain their quantum computing breakthrough. It has now been shown that quantum error mitigation provides a more efficient path to run circuits with a higher complexity than is possible with classical computers.

Charting the course to 100,000 qubits

IBM is investing in both hardware and research partnerships for a worldwide effort to identify ways that quantum computers surpass the computing power of classical computers. Our vision is to create and explore the capabilities of a 100,000-qubit system by 2033.

IBM and Cleveland Clinic unveil the first quantum computer dedicated to healthcare research

Research projects by ISRL researchers Yishai Shimoni, Michael Danziger, and Liran Szlak were profiled in this blog post about IBM's partnership with the Cleveland Clinic.

Introducing: A Software Package For Studying The Dissipative Dynamics of Quantum Hardware

Researcher Haggai Landa blogs about the first step towards the simulation of dynamics with realistic device connectivity and qubit parameters.

Research Projects



IBM researchers in Israel publish a wide variety of work every year as part of their work on research projects in the lab, in collaboration with other researchers and scientists in IBM, and together with academic and industrial partners from around the world.

Researchers in our group publish works at conferences and in scientific journals such as APS Physics, The Quantum Journal, and others.

Tools & Code

These are the main open source projects that our team is involved in. We contribute to them all at various levels.


Qiskit is an open source software development kit (SDK) for working with OpenQASM and the IBM Q quantum processors. Create quantum computing programs, compile, and execute them online in a real quantum processors.

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Qiskit Experiments is a repository that builds tools for building, running, and analysis of experiments on noisy quantum computers.

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A matrix-product-operators solver for the dynamics of interacting qubits modeled by a Lindblad master equation, written in C++ and wrapped with an easy-to-use Python interface.

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Academic Collaboration

Collaborate with our researchers as we strive to transform quantum computing from a theoretical concept into machines that are redefining industry and society.

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