Gabi Zodik


Gabi Zodik


Director, Decentralized Trust Strategy, IBM Research


IBM Research - Israel Haifa, Israel


Gabi Zodik is the Director, Blockchain & Web3 at IBM Research, as well as the Department Group Manager of the Blockchain and AI Technologies department at IBM Research Israel. He oversees the lab's research and development efforts in Web3 and Blockchain technologies and AI Automation. Gabi serves as the IBM Research strategists for Decentralized Trust technologies, in this role he overseas the world wide research activities that are primarily focused on Central Bank Digital Currency and Tokenized Deposits technologies and solutions. Gabi has an M.Sc. and B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technion, and an MBA from the University of Haifa. Gabi is a frequent speaker on the challenges and opportunities in Web3 and Blockchain, and the future of AI and IoT systems. Gabi has over 30 years of experience as senior executive in enterprise organizations as Managing Director, CTO, Chief Research Officer for innovation management, focusing on business growth and applied research with customers.

Working at IBM research means looking at the entire spectrum of the problem domain - from market analysis, through product definition, to solving the toughest technical challenges, and finally getting into the field and into the hands of customers. As the Director for Blockchain and AI Automation Gabi is also working on shaping IBM Research strategy in these areas and with the corporate in general on future directions for the products.

Specialties: Moving innovations from ideas to practice, Blockchain, CBDC, IoT, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Software Architecture, R&D management, Chief Research Officer.