IEDM 2019
Conference paper

Multiple-Vt Solutions in Nanosheet Technology for High Performance and Low Power Applications

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In Nanosheet (NS) device architecture, it is much more challenging than FinFET to develop a suitable multiple threshold voltage (multi-Vt) integration with more restrictive requirement on the dimensions due to the critical dimension scaling and complex structure. In this abstract, we reported an innovative integration scheme to enable volumeless multi-Vt and metal multi-Vt to provide the multi-Vt solutions in NS technology for high performance computing (HPC) and low-power applications. We developed a new volumeless multi-Vt for NS to solve the device geometry constraint and offer more margin and the opportunity for further sheet-to-sheet spacing (Tsus) reduction. Furthermore, metal gate boundary control (MGBC) was developed to enable variable NS widths on the same wafer to satisfy both HPC and low-power applications.