VLSI Technology 2020
Conference paper

Selective Enablement of Dual Dipoles for near Bandedge Multi-Vt Solution in High Performance FinFET and Nanosheet Technologies

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We report that n-dipole and p-dipole (dual dipoles) can be co-integrated to provide a more flexible volumeless multiple threshold voltage(multi-Vt) solution in FinFET and Nanosheet (NS) technologies. The p-dipole process for dual dipoles co-integration is identified. When the Vt shift is less than 100m V, the mobility is slightly degraded, but other properties are not clearly affected. The improved pFET performance is from the Vt reduction. The dipole co-integration also provides a novel method for Vt definition via dipole Vt compensation. Our selective dipole enablement can implement near bandedge (BE) multi- Vt for high performance application.