IEDM 2005
Conference paper

High performance 65 nm SOI technology with enhanced transistor strain and advanced-low-K BEOL


A high performance 65 nm SOI CMOS technology is presented. Dual stress liner (DSL), embedded SiGe, and stress memorization techniques are utilized to enhance transistor speed. Advanced-low-K BEOL for this technology features 10 wiring levels with a novel K=2.75 film in selected levels. This film is a SiCOH-based dielectric optimized for stress to enable integration for enhanced performance. The resulting technology delivers pFET and nFET AC switching on-current of 735 μA/um and 1259 μA/um respectively, at an off-current of 200 nA/um (Vdd=1.0 V), and 6% reduction in interconnect delay. Process yield is demonstrated on a SRAM cell with size of 0.65 μm 2. © 2005 IEEE.