Christoph Auer


Christoph Auer


Senior Research Scientist


IBM Research Europe - Zurich Zurich, Switzerland


Dr. Christoph Auer joined the IBM Research – Zurich Lab in 2016 as a post-doc researcher in the AI 4 Knowledge group to push the boundaries in automated knowledge extraction and modelling. Since then, he has acquired extensive expertise in the areas of machine learning and cloud platform engineering for knowledge discovery, and advanced to the position of a senior research scientist. His ongoing dedication to document understanding systems has been instrumental in the development of key innovations in the well-regarded DeepSearch platform, which he co-invented in 2017.

Dr. Auer holds a PhD in Medical Computer Sciences from the Institute of Medical Biometry and Informatics at Heidelberg University in Germany. His doctoral thesis proposed a novel approach for utilizing computer assistance in orthopedic surgery for pediatric patients with severe gait disorders, and effectively addressed the significant challenges encountered in the operating room setting.

Earlier work encompasses a range of projects within the field of medical technology, including those that involved clinical cooperation. He has also delved into the areas of signal processing and pattern recognition in medical diagnostics.




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Peter Staar

Peter Staar

Principal RSM; Master Inventor; Manager of `AI for Knowledge` group.