Maksym Lysak


Maksym Lysak


Software Engineering & R&D of AI Systems


IBM Research Europe - Zurich Zurich, Switzerland


Total 19 years of experience in Research and Development, out of which over 11 years of R&D in IBM Zurich Research Lab in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Knowledge Graphs, Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence Applications. Published multiple patents and papers in above mentioned areas. Received several high-level recognitions from IBM, including two “Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards”, “Research Division Award”, and AAAI “Deployed Application Award”.

Additionally, as a software engineer, have more than 10 years of experience in the areas of User Interfaces, and realtime Data Processing and Visualization (2D and 3D). Full-stack development, deep knowledge of broad selection of general-purpose programming languages from Python and JavaScript (client and server sides) to C, C++, Objective Pascal. Experience of working with SQL and No-SQL databases, modern web-browsers (for client-side applications). Hands-on experience with modern Cloud and DevOps technologies: OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc.

Apart from R&D and Software Engineering background, enjoys painting artworks (acrylic on canvas, ink, digital) and building intricate small scale replica models using rare kitsets, scratch building techniques and/or 3d printing, consulted and have been instrumental on production of several model kitsets.

Fascinated by vintage aviation and history of human powered flight. When opportunity arises - loves flying warbirds and capturing action photos from the air as an orchestrated air-to-air photoshoots with multiple aircraft participating as actors and with beautiful Alpine vistas as scenic backdrop.

For last 6 years volunteers as a chief editor and illustrator for yearly magazine of SPAS (Seaplane Pilots Association of Switzerland). Member of another Swiss historical aviation association – Hunterverein Obersimmental.

Married, happy father of a boy.




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Peter Staar

Peter Staar

Principal RSM; Master Inventor; Manager of `AI for Knowledge` group.