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At IBM Research – Albany we drive semiconductor technology innovation for the future of computing. We combine the strengths of industry, government and academia to drive faster progress and new breakthroughs in advanced semiconductors. The facility spans five buildings and includes more than 100,000 square feet of semiconductor fab space. Many of the semiconductor industry’s biggest breakthroughs over the last decade have come from these buildings, including IBM’s creation of the first 2 nanometer node chip. Our work is focused on advancing semiconductor innovation for future computing workloads by driving advancements in 3D Vertical Integration.



Advanced logic technology at 2nm node

Platform technology research: innovation and solution creation for leading edge CMOS technology at 2nm node.
  • Logic Scaling

Analog AI

Making Deep Neural Network systems more capable and energy-efficient.
  • AI Hardware
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The American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition

IBM is a founding member of ASIC, a diverse group united to advocate for U.S. semiconductor leadership.
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Security

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IBM Research Albany
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Albany, NY 12203
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