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    IBM Research – Albany

    IBM Research at Albany is a cutting-edge facility located at the heart of New York's Tech Valley. With over 20 years of partnership between IBM, the State of New York, and many academic institutions across the country, this lab focuses on advanced semiconductor research and development. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and decades of expertise, IBM Research Albany continues to pioneer breakthroughs in materials science, nanotechnology, and chip design. Its interdisciplinary approach brings together scientists, engineers, and industry leaders to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in computing and technology. The facility currently spans across five buildings and includes more than 100,000 square feet of semiconductor fabrication space. We are committed to shaping the future of semiconductors, pioneering advancements beyond 2 nanometer nodes, and deploying the world's most advanced High NA EUV lithography tool.

    In Albany, New York, researchers are working to address the chip shortage now, as well as design the new types of chips the world will need moving forward.

    Meet the team

    Meet our team at IBM Research Albany who are pioneering advancements in semiconductor technology. Explore the profiles of our diverse group of multidisciplinary scientists and engineers who are shaping the future of microelectronics.
    Huiming Bu
    Vice President: IBM Semiconductors Global R&D and Albany Operations
    Dechao Guo
    Director, Advanced Logic Technology Research
    Deepa Desai
    Director, Offering and Development Leader, IBM Semiconductors
    Hemanth Jagannathan
    IBM Distinguished Engineer - Chiplet and Advanced Packaging Technology & Quantum 300mm Scale-out
    Ishtiaq Ahsan
    Senior Manager, Yield/ Test & Characterization, IBM Semiconductor Technology Research & Development
    Vijay Narayanan
    IBM Fellow & Strategist, Physics of AI. Senior Manager, PCM and AI Materials
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    hardware fabrication room with scientists milling around
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    The future of semiconductors: Computing With Unrivaled Performance



    Advanced logic technology at 2nm node

    Platform technology research: innovation and solution creation for leading edge CMOS technology at 2nm node.
    11 IBM_AI_SplitScreen_v08_06.jpg

    Analog AI

    Making Deep Neural Network systems more capable and energy-efficient.
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    The American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition

    IBM is a founding member of ASIC, a diverse group united to advocate for U.S. semiconductor leadership.

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    IBM Research Albany
    257 Fuller Rd
    Albany, NY 12203

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