VLSI Technology 2016
Conference paper

Replacement high-K/metal-gate High-Ge-content strained SiGe FinFETs with high hole mobility and excellent SS and reliability at aggressive EOT ∼7Å and scaled dimensions down to sub-4nm fin widths

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High-Ge-content (HGC) SiGe FinFETs in a 'replacement High-K and metal-gate' (RMG) process flow and with aggressive EOT scaling are demonstrated, for the first time. HGC SiGe pMOS FinFETs with high-mobility, record-low RMG long-channel SS=66mV/dec and great short-channel characteristics down to LG=21nm have been demonstrated. Gate stack and transport properties down to sub-4nm fin widths (WFIN) have been also studied for the first time. We demonstrate excellent RMG mobility and reliability at aggressive EOT∼7Å, and excellent μeff=220cm2/Vs at Ninv=1013 for fins with WFIN∼4nm, outperforming state-of-The-Art devices at such dimensions and providing very promising results for FinFET scaling for future high-performance FinFET generations.