ECTC 2023
Conference paper

Next Generation Infrared (IR) Laser Debonding / Silicon Handle Technology for Precision Chiplet Technology Applications

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Silicon (Si) handle technology benefits that support advanced chiplet technology applications include: (1) semiconductor process and equipment compatibility, (2) improvement on heating/cooling rates with reduced stress and wafer warpage and (3) contamination avoidance. This paper reports the next generation Infrared (IR) laser debonding technology to release Si handler from 300mm advanced CMOS nodes wafer with or without TSVs. IR laser systems with Gaussian and Top-Hat beam profiles were used to study the laser ablation characteristics on different families of release layers and bonding adhesives. Post wafer debonding, a wafer cleaning process was developed, and the IR laser impacts on passive and active device wafers were studied with physical and electrical tests. The results indicated the optimization of physical structures and IR laser control parameters were critical to achieve quality release for chemical stripping and compatibility with subsequent integration. This IR laser debonding technology continues to successfully support ongoing 2.XD and 3D fine pitch I/O chiplet test vehicle build and integration demonstrations with micropillar solder bonding or Cu-Cu / ILD Hybrid bonding.