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    Chiplet and Packaging

    Building new architectures for next-generation AI.


    IBM offers chiplet and advanced packaging technology capabilities to supercharge innovations for AI and logic. By bringing multiple technologies together at the package level to increase performance and reduce cost, our frameworks provide a new paradigm for semiconductor innovations as well as a new pathway to meet AI’s increasing performance demands. Our recent breakthroughs in packaging R&D include the novel use of infrared laser debonding with silicon handler wafers, which offers new capabilities compared to the industry standard of glass carrier wafers. We’re also pioneering a new hybrid bonding approach that drastically reduces the I/O interconnection size needed between two chiplets, paving the way for new designs. Our packaging facility in Bromont, Canada manufactures 100,000 advanced flip chip modules each week. As the largest Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test facility in North America, its mission is to transform semiconductor components into state-of-the-art microelectronic solutions.  

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