IEDM 2013
Conference paper

High performance UTBB FDSOI devices featuring 20nm gate length for 14nm node and beyond

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We report, for the first time, high performance Ultra-thin Body and Box (UTBB) FDSOI devices with a gate length (LG) of 20nm and BOX thickness (TBOX) of 25nm, featuring dual channel FETs (Si channel NFET and compressively strained SiGe channel PFET). Competitive effective current (Ieff) reaches 630μA/μm and 670μA/μm for NFET and PFET, respectively, at off current (Ioff) of 100nA/μm and V dd of 0.9V. Excellent electrostatics is obtained, demonstrating the scalability of these devices to14nm and beyond. Very low AVt (1.3mV•μm) of channel SiGe (cSiGe) PFET devices is reported for the first time. BTI was improved >20% vs a comparable bulk device and evidence of continued scalability beyond 14nm is provided. © 2013 IEEE.