SPIE Advanced Lithography 2017
Conference paper

DSA patterning options for logics and memory applications

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The progress of three potential DSA applications, i.e. fin formation, via shrink, and pillars, were reviewed in this paper. For fin application, in addition to pattern quality, other important considerations such as customization and design flexibility were discussed. An electrical viachain study verified the DSA rectification effect on CD distribution by showing a tighter current distribution compared to that derived from the guiding pattern direct transfer without using DSA. Finally, a structural demonstration of pillar formation highlights the importance of pattern transfer in retaining both the CD and local CDU improvement from DSA. The learning from these three case studies can provide perspectives that may not have been considered thoroughly in the past. By including more important elements during DSA process development, the DSA maturity can be further advanced and move DSA closer to HVM adoption.