VLSI Technology 2014
Conference paper

Bottom oxidation through STI (BOTS) - A novel approach to fabricate dielectric isolated FinFETs on bulk substrates

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We report a novel approach to enable the fabrication of dielectric isolated FinFETs on bulk substrates by bottom oxidation through STI (BOTS). BOTS FinFET transistors are manufactured with 42nm fin pitch and 80nm contacted gate pitch. Competitive device performances are achieved with effective drive currents of Ieff (N/P) = 621/453 μA/μm at Ioff = 10 nA/μm at VDD = 0.8 V. The BOTS process results in a sloped fin profile at the fin bottom (fin tail). By extending the gate vertically into the fin tail region, the parasitic short-channel effects due to this fin tail have been successfully suppressed. We further demonstrate the extension of the BOTS process to the fabrication of strained SiGe FinFETs and nanowires, providing a path for future CMOS technologies.