CSTIC 2011
Conference paper

Ultra-thin Body and BOX (UTBB) device for aggressive scaling of CMOS technology

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We report fully-depleted UTBB devices with a gate length (LG) of 25nm and BOX thickness (TBOX) at 25nm, fabricated with a 22nm technology ground rule, featuring conventional gate first high-K/metal and raised source/drain (RSD) process. Competitive drive currents are achieved. Effective Vt modulation is observed with back bias (Vbb) and different ground plane (GP) polarity. Excellent local Vt variation is demonstrated, A functional UTBB 0.108μm2 6-T SRAM is reported with Vdd down to 0.4V. We also present simulation studies that suggest UTBB device has superior scalability compared with thick BOX ETSOI device, thanks to better short channel effect (SCE) control. ©The Electrochemical Society.