ECTC 2014
Conference paper

Bonding technologies for chip level and wafer level 3D integration

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This paper provides a comparison of bonding process technologies for chip and wafer level 3D integration (3Di). We discuss bonding methods and comparison of the reflow furnace, thermo-compression, Cavity ALignment Method (CALM) for chip level bonding, and oxide bonding for 300 mm wafer level 3Di. For chip 3Di, challenges related to maintaining thin die and laminate co-planarity were overcome. Stacking of large thin Si die with 22 nm CMOS devices was achieved. The size of the die was more than 600 mm2. Also, 300 mm 3Di wafer stacking with 45 nm CMOS devices was demonstrated. Wafers thinned to 10 μm with Cu through-silicon-via (TSV) interconnections were formed after bonding to another device wafer. In either chip or wafer level 3Di, testing results show no loss of integrity due to the bonding technologies.