IEDM 2002
Conference paper

A high performance 90 nm SOI technology with 0.992 μm2 6T-SRAM cell


This paper presents a high performance 90 nm generation SOI CMOS logic technology. Leveraging unique SOI technology features, aggressive ground rules and a tungsten local interconnect rendered the smallest 6T SRAM cell reported to date with a cell area of 0.992 μm2. In the front-end of line (FEOL), the implementation of super-halo design concepts on SOI substrates with a silicon thickness of 45 nm and an ultra-thin heavily nitrided gate dielectric resulted in highest performance devices. The backend of the line (BEOL) for this technology consists of damascene local interconnect followed by up to 10 levels of hierarchical Cu metallization. It utilizes SiLK™ low-K dielectric material with a multilayer hard mask stack.