IEDM 2017
Conference paper

A comparative study of strain and Ge content in Si1-xGex channel using planar FETs, FinFETs, and strained relaxed buffer layer FinFETs

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Strained Si1-xGex channel pFinFETs and planar pFETs are fabricated on a strain relaxed buffer virtual substrate to comparatively study the electrical impact of strain and Ge content in the Si1-xGex channel. By comparing the transistor electrical properties of Si1-xGex pFETs on SRB with Si1-xGex pFETs on Si substrate, we successfully decouple the influence of strain and Ge content in the Si1-xGex channel on device performance such as gate stack quality, reliability, and carrier transport. Based on these understandings, dual channel Si/Si1-xGex FinFETs on the SRB with the optimized surface orientation is proposed to further improve the device performance.