ISSCC 2012
Conference paper

A 28Gb/s 4-tap FFE/15-tap DFE serial link transceiver in 32nm SOI CMOS technology

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As exemplified by standards such as OIF CEI-25G, 32G-FC, and next-generation 100GbE, serial link data rates are being pushed up to 25 to 28Gb/s in order to increase I/O system bandwidth. Such speeds represent a near doubling of the state-of-the-art for fully integrated transceivers [1-3]. With scaling no longer providing large gains in device speed, significant design advances must be made to attain these data rates. This paper describes a 28Gb/s serial link transceiver featuring a source-series terminated (SST) driver topology with twice the speed of existing designs, a two-stage peaking amplifier with capacitively-coupled parallel input stages and active feedback, and a 15-tap DFE. The use of capacitive level-shifters allows a single current-integrating summer to drive the parallel paths used for speculating the first two DFE taps. © 2012 IEEE.