A 32 Gb/s backplane transceiver with on-chip AC-coupling and low latency CDR in 32 nm SOI CMOS technology

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This paper describes key design features of a 32 Gb/s 4-tap FFE/15-tap DFE transceiver in 32 nm SOI CMOS which mitigate major sources of degradation in transceiver performance. The transceiver employs a passive feed-forward restore (FFR) scheme in an on-chip AC-coupling network to prevent pattern-dependent baseline wander, a low-latency clock and data recovery (CDR) to improve high-frequency jitter tolerance, and a token-based power management scheme to reduce supply ripple. At 32 Gb/s, the transceiver can equalize a channel with 30 dB of loss at a bit-error rate below 10-12 while consuming 21 mW/Gbps at 1 V supply and an area of 0.7 mm2.