Nick Fuller


Nick Fuller


Vice President, AI and Automation


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Dr. Nick Fuller is Vice President, AI and Automation, at IBM Research. In this role, Nick leads a global team and is responsible for providing AI – based innovation for enterprise management automation software spanning digital labor (business processes), IT automation, modernization and sustainability in partnership with IBM and Red Hat product units.

In his 20+ years at IBM Research., Nick has held multiple technical, leadership and client facing roles delivering innovation core to IBM’s strategy, culminating in the following:

  • Differentiation of IBM’s IT Automation portfolio
  • Launch of new products for IBM and Red Hat’s Modernization portfolios
  • Launch of IBM Research’s full stack and platform-based Edge computing strategy
  • Differentiation of 5 successive CMOS generations for IBM Systems and OEM clients

Nick is an IBM Master Inventor holding over 75 patents, has co-authored 75 technical publications and regularly provides commentary on the above topics for outlets such as Forbes, IEEE Spectrum and Techspot. Nick obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math in 1997 from Morehouse College and his PhD in Applied Physics in 2002 from Columbia University. He lives in Long Island, New York with his wife and two sons and in his spare time loves playing soccer, listening to music and writing. He is also the author of Struggle and Progress.



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