Jung koo Kang


Jung koo Kang




Research Software Engineer


IBM Research - Cambridge Cambridge, MA USA


My name is Jung koo Kang, and I am a Research Software Engineer. I develop automated planners to orchestrate AI agents at Artificial Intelligence Composition Laboratory (AICL) in IBM Research. My primary focus areas are software engineering, machine Learning, automated planning, cloud computing, statistics, and mathematical modeling with strong computational biology background. Currently, I am working on an automated planner to sequence tasks for a multi-agent, conversational AI system in open domain.

Previously, at Ford Motor Company, Fordlabs people and I developed a cloud service (RoadCode (City Insight)) to analyze and visualize spatio-temporal, real-time data for transportation safety with Global Data, Insight, and Analytics (GDI&A) team (2nd Place at ’Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge’ by U.S. Department of Transportation (https://www.transportation.gov/solve4safety/solve4safetysubmissions) (https://medium.com/cityoftomorrow/how-ann-arbor-michigan-became-a-living-lab-for-city-mobility-daf93672b5d0) (https://www.fordlabs.com/case-studies/roadcode)).

During my academic years, I have developed various computationally rigorous numerical simulation models and efficient statistical methods for analyzing big data for public health, environmental protection/conservation, and agricultural production. My mathematical models and software have been used to estimate parameters for improving the mechanistic understanding in complex biological phenomena with numerous components.

Throughout my career, I had wonderful opportunities to work with engineers, researchers, managers, and designers with diverse backgrounds. I have learned to facilitate communication in academically and culturally diverse groups.



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