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    Human-Centered AI

    AI systems are proliferating in everyday life, and it’s imperative to understand those systems from a human perspective. We design and investigate new forms of human-AI interactions and experiences that enhance and extend human capabilities for the good of our products, clients, and society at large. 


    Artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. AI systems are being created that can drive our vehicles, design our drugs, determine what information we see, and even decide how our money is invested. Some of these systems operate entirely autonomously, while others only make recommendations or suggestions. 

    Despite increasing levels of automation enabled by AI, the common thread to all of these systems is the human element: people are critical in the design, operation, and use of AI systems. We have a responsibility to ensure those systems operate transparently, act equitably, respect our privacy, and effectively serve people's needs.  

    How can we ensure that AI systems are designed responsibly and produce effective outcomes? We address this question by pursuing research projects across human-AI collaboration, responsible and human-compatible AI, as well as natural language and visual interaction systems.Learn more about human-centered AI

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    Accelerator Technologies

    We're developing technological solutions to assist subject matter experts with their scientific workflows by enabling the Human-AI co-creation process.


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