Vatche Isahagian


Vatche Isahagian


Senior Research Scientist and Manager


IBM Research - Cambridge Cambridge, MA USA


Vatche Isahagian is a Senior Research Scientist and manager at IBM Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from Boston University. His research spans a broad set of disciplines across distributed systems, Artificial Intelligence, and business processes. His current focus is on utilizing AI techniques such as natural language processing and multi-agent systems to enable AI-enhanced business automations. Vatche's work has resulted in multiple patent filings, peer-reviewed publications in conferences and journals, as well as two best paper awards. Additionally, he has organized several workshops and served as a member of program committees, as well as co-chair and publicity chair for various conferences. He is a senior member of both the IEEE and the ACM.




Digital Labor for Enterprise Automation

Building a unified Digital Labor platform with conversation, orchestration, and training capabilities.

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