Francesca Bonin


Francesca Bonin




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IBM Research Europe - Ireland Dublin, Ireland


I am Research Scientist at IBM Research Ireland since October 2015, working on applications of Natural Language Processing.

Currently, I am Principal Investigator of the Human Behavior change project, a project aimed at creating an AI system for behaviour change intervention predictions.

Since I started in IBM Research AI I have been working in the Project Debater team [video], specifically on sentiment analysis and opinion mining. 

I hold a PhD in Natural Language Processing at the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), a MSc. in Language Technologies and a B.A. in Digital Humanities from the University of Pisa (Italy).

During my PhD, I concentrated on Information Extraction from dialogues, meetings and debates. Before starting my PhD, I have worked on several research projects between the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the National Research Council of Pisa (Italy) and the Language, Interaction and Computation Laboratory of the University of Trento (Italy), focusing on Information Extraction, Domain Adaptation, Terminology Extraction.

My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Argumentation Mining, Text mining, Dialogue Processing and Machine Learning. 

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December 2021: Taking on PI responsibility for IBM in the SEURO project. 

May 2021: Paper 'Outcome Prediction from Behaviour Change Intervention Evaluations using a Combination of Node and Word Embedding' accepted at AMIA 2021. Work with Debasis Ganguly, Martin Gleize, Yufang Hou, Charles Jochim, Alessandra Pascale, Pierpaolo Tommasi, Pol Mac Aonghusa, Susan Michie, Robert West, Mike Kelly.

March 2021: Project Debater published a paper at Nature, describing the entire system: 'An autonomous debating system'. Very proud to be part of the team!

March 2020- February 2021 : Maternity leave :)

January 2021:  Paper 'TDMSci: A Specialized Corpus for Scientific Literature Entity Tagging of Tasks Datasets and Metrics' accepted at EACL 2021. Work with Yufang Hou, Martin Gleize, Charles Jochim and Debasis Ganguly.

November 2021: Presented our HBCP work at AMIA 2021. Paper: 'Knowledge Extraction and Prediction from Behavior Science Randomized Controlled Trials: A Case Study in Smoking Cessation'

May 2019 - Area chair of the Research and Industrial NLP Applications track at CLiC-it 2019 [cfp]

April 11th, 2019 - Presenting Project Debater at Talent Garden, Dublin

April 5th, 2019 - Presenting Project Debater and SLIDE at Trinity College Computational Linguistic Seminars

March 2019 - Presenting our HBCP work at AMIA 2019 

October 2018 - MA3HMI Workshop at ICMI 2018: Proceedings 

July 2018 - IBM PI for the HBCP project

June 2018 - 2 Papers at NAACL 2018 accepted

May 2018 - Presenting 2 papers at LREC 2018

August 2017 - April 2018 - Maternity leave :)

December 2016 - Published news article on Debating technologies [Italian version] [English version]

November 2016 - Invited to a panel at UCD on new trends of information technologies

June 2016 - Mentoring Tuan Tran, PhD student of L3S on the decision gisting project

October 2015 - Joining IBM Research Dublin on Debating Technologies




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Alessandra Pascale

Alessandra Pascale

Senior Research Scientist and manager, Accelerated Discovery, NLP and Inference on Graphs