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The world has never needed science more than it does today. At IBM Research, we create impact at industrial scale by tackling some of the most pressing questions and challenges across computer science, materials discovery, mathematics, climate change, drug discovery, physical sciences and sustainability. The cutting-edge technologies we are developing will catalyze progress for IBM, our partners, and society.


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Watch a new short film on the computing revolutions that are accelerating the rate of scientific discovery like nothing before.

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Radically accelerating discovery to enable our sustainable future

There is a set of worldwide problems at once so daunting and yet so pressing that solutions simply can’t wait. We must accelerate the process of discovery to address this class of systemic challenges in such areas as policy, economic trends, societal decisions, and the natural sciences.


Communities of Discovery

We're bringing together leaders across industry, government, and academia to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems. Learn more about the communities of discovery that we're facilitating across the globe.