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The fastest path to progress

Watch a new short film on the computing revolutions that are accelerating the rate of scientific discovery like nothing before.

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The fastest path to progress

Watch a new short film on the computing revolutions that are accelerating the rate of scientific discovery like nothing before.

We are at a unique moment in time in the world of computing.

But the road ahead will be about much more than smaller computer chips and more powerful processors. We are working on new types of chips, designed specifically for artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and next-generation systems. We’re also working on software to power those devices and to make it simpler for enterprises to tackle problems like never before.

AI, cloud, and quantum computing are revolutionary in their own right, but where they converge, we see the potential for a step change in computing that could surpass anything we’ve seen before. When taken together, they can exponentially alter the speed and scale at which we can uncover solutions to complex problems. We’ve come to call this phenomenon accelerated discovery. We believe it’s the future of solving problems.

We’re working with partners around the world to speed up the time it takes to discover new materials; we’re enabling rapid breakthroughs in code migration, chemistry, healthcare, and automation — to name a few areas. We’re working with academia, governments, and industry partners to create Discovery Accelerators tasked with finding new ways to practically tackle specific problems. One of the first Accelerators we launched was in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, where together we are on advanced pathogen research, and fostering the next generation of tech workers for healthcare. In another, we worked with STFC Hartree, a division of the UK’s science council, and Unilever, to develop a new molecule that can help the skin boost its natural defense against germs.

We believe that we’ve entered a new era in computing.

We invite you to watch The Fastest Path to Progress, a new short film about how we can propel discovery with the trifecta of AI, quantum computing and hybrid cloud. Throughout the film you’ll meet experts working on advancing technology to expedite the pace of science.

The film was directed by Scott Dadich, the former creative director and editor-in-chief of Wired, creator of the Emmy nominated Netflix series “Abstract: The Art of Design”, and co-founder and co-CEO of Godfrey Dadich Partners. Dadich received the 2020 National Design Award for Communication Design, the industry’s highest honor, given by Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. We hope you enjoy the film and will join us in this journey to accelerate discovery.

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