ECTC 2015
Conference paper

Through silicon via process for effective multi-wafer integration

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We propose a novel 3D integration method, called Vertical integration after Stacking (ViaS) process. The process enables 3D integration at significantly low cost, since it eliminates costly processing steps such as chemical vapor deposition used to form inorganic insulator layers and Cu plating used for via filling of vertical conductors. Furthermore, the technique does not require chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) nor temporary bonding to handle thin wafers. The integration technique consists of forming through silicon via (TSV) holes in pre-multi-stacked wafers (> 2 wafers) which have no initial vertical electrical interconnections, followed by insulation of holes by polymer coating and via filling by molten metal injection. In the technique, multiple wafers are etched at once to form TSV holes followed by coating of the holes by conformal thin polymer layers. Finally the holes are filled by using molten metal injection so that a formation of interlayer connections of arbitrary choice is possible. In this paper, we demonstrate 3-chip-stacked test vehicle with 50 × 50 μm-square TSVs assembled by using this technique.