VLSI Technology 2020
Conference paper

Si Incorporation Into AsSeGe Chalcogenides for High Thermal Stability, High Endurance and Extremely Low Vth Drift 3D Stackable Cross-point Memory

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By incorporating Si into AsSeGe system, we demonstrate a 3D stackable OTS+PCM memory in a 1k by 1k cross-point memory array with extremely low VtS drift (0V after 3 days from programming), wide VtS/VtR window (>2V main distribution memory window), high endurance (>2E11 cycles), excellent IOFF and thermal stability. So far, attempts to improve the thermal stability of AsSeGe system sacrifice IOFF and cycling endurance. We show that Si incorporation relaxes this trade-off and can greatly improve the thermal stability and cycling endurance while also achieving good IOFF. In particular the IOFF of AsSeGeSi selector is improved over the AsSeGe system for films of 20 nm.