IMAPS 2013
Conference paper

Scaling challenges of semiconductor packaging in the era of big data


In advent of multimedia, social media and Internet of Things, our world is exploding with enormous amount of data, so-called Big Data. The use of Big Data provides us with opportunities to bring solutions and innovations to variety of industries such as healthcare, energy, banking and automotive. On the other hand, the computing requirement to analyze this large volume of data is becoming higher than ever. The exascale computing is required in the Era of Big Data. In order to achieve this demand, further technology innovations for package scaling such as 3D-IC with TSV (through silicon via) are needed. The fine pitch die-to-die interconnection is a key element in increasing the total bandwidth in 3D integration. The important technologies in 3D integration include micro-bumping, thermally enhanced underfill materials and advanced interposers. Material selection for reliable fine-pitch interconnection has become a critical challenge in 3D chip stacking. Underfill material in die-to-die device is also a critical element in reducing total packaging stress and in enhancing vertical thermal conductivity. Low CTE high-density organic substrate is an emerging technology for 2.5D structure.