VLSI Technology 2012
Conference paper

Large-scale (512kbit) integration of multilayer-ready access-devices based on Mixed-Ionic-Electronic-Conduction (MIEC) at 100% yield

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BEOL-friendly Access Devices (AD) based on Cu-containing MIEC materials [1-4] are integrated in large (512 x 1024) arrays at 100% yield, and are successfully co-integrated together with Phase Change Memory (PCM). Numerous desirable attributes are demonstrated: the large currents (>200μA) needed for PCM, the bipolar operation required for high-performance RRAM, the single-target sputter deposition essential for high-volume manufacturing, and the ultra-low leakage (< 10 pA) and high voltage margin (1.5V) needed to enable large crosspoint arrays. © 2012 IEEE.