VLSI Technology 2012
Conference paper

Advanced modeling and optimization of high performance 32nm HKMG SOI CMOS for RF/analog SoC applications

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We demonstrate advanced modeling and optimization of 32nm high-K metal gate (HKMG) SOI CMOS technology for high-speed digital and RF/analog system-on-chip applications. To enable high-performance RF/analog circuit design, we present challenging device modeling features and their enhancements. At nominal L poly, floating-body NFET and PFET demonstrate peak f T of 300GHz and fMAX of higher than 350GHz with excellent model-to-hardware accuracy. For precision analog circuit design, body-contacted (BC) FETs and various passives are offered, and their performance and modeling accuracy are co-optimized to push the technology limit and achieve state-of-the-art circuits, e.g., 28Gb/s serial link transceiver and LC-tank VCO operating at higher than 100GHz. © 2012 IEEE.