IEDM 2017
Conference paper

Fundamental limitations of existing models and future solutions for dielectric reliability and RRAM applications (invited)

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Two important engines lie at the heart of dielectric reliability assessment and prediction methodologies: a statistical distribution model and a field/voltage acceleration model for data parameter extraction and reliability projection. The Weibull/Poisson model and constant field-acceleration E-model are useful for more-or-less ideal situations, but new applications and experimental findings have challenged and exposed the fundamental limitations of these decades-old models. The time-dependent clustering model and power-law field/voltage models have emerged as promising solutions to meet these new challenges in a wide range of applications from dielectric breakdown (BD) statistics in BEOL/MOL/FEOL cases to Reset/Set statistics of RRAM operations. Recent advances in atomistic simulation and microscopic modeling provide fresh insights for the correct choice of field/voltage acceleration models.