Imran Nasim


Imran Nasim


AI Engineer (WatsonX) & TSM | Client Engineering


IBM Research Europe Woking, United Kingdom


Dr Imran Nasim joined IBM Research Europe as a Research Scientist in May 2022. He works in the discipline of Applied Mathematics investigating dynamical systems and also works on Deep Learning methods with applications in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Imran received his PhD from the University of Surrey, where he specialised in Theoretical Astrophysics. Upon the completion of his PhD, he undertook a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at Harvard University (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) in collaboration with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where he worked at the interface of Data Science and Biomedical Informatics. He was also a consultant Mathematician at Jacobs Engineering Group.




Discovering physics extremes with computing

Mathematics and algorithms for identifying configurations of complex physical systems exhibiting unique, anomalous properties.
Host-pathogen interactions.png

Host-pathogen interactions for healthcare and drug discovery

An automated explainable bioinformatics and deep learning workflow to elucidate microbiome-metabolite relationships during a host-pathogen interaction.

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