IoT for healthcare

Combining latest sensor technology with AI to transform personal care

Case study

Digital care support

Using our latest AI tech­nol­ogy, we will com­bine new sen­sor tech with AI to make much more informed deci­sions about elder care.

—Katharina Reusch
Research Manager & Data Scientist

IoT in healthcare is an emerging, competitive field with an increasing number of case studies driven by fast-paced sensor technology development and further boosted through strong advertisement by Amazon, Apple & Co with smart speakers and smart devices in our homes. Many companies sell home sensor devices, but most of them cover only a single use case — for example detecting a fall or whether a TV has been switched on or off. Only a combination of many sensors and advanced analytics would yield a complete picture of someone’s daily activities. We aim to overcome this barrier by looking at technology from different sectors, such as LIDAR technology from the automotive sector, to monitor a range of different activities with a single sensor per room.

For this purpose, we are launching a pilot program for digital home monitoring in collaboration with a private care provider. The care provider aims to add value to its operations by providing new home health monitoring services, while enabling elderly clients to remain in their own homes more securely, independently and of course longer. In this pilot study, we aim to analyse home sensor data to understand care-recipients’ daily patterns in homes with regular caregiver visits. This contextual data generated by sensors could provide a more objective and holistic view of a person’s daily trajectories and potentially allow us to understand care-recipients’ behavioural patterns.

For more information, see IBM THINK blog from Cera Care.