Masatomo Kobayashi


Masatomo Kobayashi


Senior Research Scientist, Digital Health


IBM Research - Tokyo Tokyo, Japan


Masatomo Kobayashi is a research scientist in the Digital Health team at IBM Research. He received his Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology (Computer Science) from the University of Tokyo and joined IBM in 2008. His research interest is everyday human-computer interactions through screen, speech, and other IoT-based interfaces.

He has served as the development leader of Senior Cloud, a joint-study project with the University of Tokyo (2011–2020); the Chief Examiner of IPSJ SIG-AAC (2021–2022); the Accessibility Chair of ACM UIST 2016; a program committee member of ACM ASSETS conferences (2021–); and an associate editor of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (2023).

He has received Best Paper Awards at ACM ASSETS 2009, AIME 2017, and AHFE HSSE 2020; Honorable Mention Paper Award at ACM CHI 2011; Accessibility Award at INTERACT 2011; and Excellent Paper Award at IEEE LifeTech 2021.




Behavioral Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease

Multiple digital health-related applications for Alzheimer's disease using behavioral sensor data

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